Straight Teeth FOREVER

Today marks the beginning of a revolutionary method of keeping teeth straight once orthodontic treatment is completed. FOREVERaligned* is the first of its kind website dedicated to Orthodontic Aftercare* – a new treatment approach to keeping teeth straight for a lifetime.

Orthodontic treatment has always been centered around GETTING teeth straight. FOREVERaligned* was created to KEEP teeth straight. Developed by a team of leading Orthodontists and computer programmers, the platform is a patent-pending source of lifetime, affordable, on demand retainers or relapse aligners. Using a 3D oral scan of the patients teeth, the digital file is stored on a HIPAA compliant server.


From there, it can be retrieved at any time, and a new retainer or relapse aligner created. All the patient has to do is place an order for a replacement – online. A network of nation-wide labs then manufactures the orders at a moments notice. These new retainers or aligners are then shipped directly to the patient – and it’s always on demand. Because the 3D scan is an exact replica of the patients teeth, an unlimited number of retainers or aligners can be fabricated, and all at an extremely low cost to the patient. If a patient neglects to wear their retainer, the platform also offers a series of relapse aligners to realign the teeth.


The patient simply finds a FOREVERaligned* Provider on the website, enters their credit card and address, and the system directs them to the Providers office. Once the scan is taken and stored, the patients credit card is charged for the 3D scan. Should the patient ever need a replacement, all they do is go online to FOREVERaligned* and order a new one. A one time replacement charge is added, and the product shipped directly to the patients door.

Simple. Affordable. On demand. Shipped anywhere in the world.

FOREVERaligned* is the ONLY online method of providing patients Orthodontic Aftercare*. We trust it will be THE answer to keeping teeth straight – FOREVER.

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3 comments on “Straight Teeth FOREVER
  1. Mary Riley says:

    My name is Mary Riley Im missing to teeth in the back left side of my mouth. Chemo messed my mouth up the tooth beside the perment tooth on left side has a space i need a retainer to pull them back in place.

  2. Linda says:

    I currently have a 3yr old retainer and my dr says I need a new one for 350$. I think I like the price of yours. How do I get one?

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