What is FOREVERaligned(FA)?

It is a patent-pending website that allows for patients to receive a 3D scan of their teeth, and then order as many as needed, on demand, and shipped directly to their door.

How do I signup?

Go to the Website (foreveraligned.com) chose the Subscription Service to purchase. Both
subscription and non-subscription purchases require an initial 3D scan (one-time fee of $49).

What is a 3d scan?

First off, there is NO radiation involved. It’s just a series of pictures (3000 per second) that records the exact shape of your teeth and gums. This scan is then stored on our HIPAA compliant server for use any time you need a new retainer or aligner.

Why do I need a 3d scan?

Without a 3D scan, we have no way of using the technology to create our Retainers. The technology requires digital images because the Retainers are designed in virtual reality, then manufactured using a 3D printer.

Who is going to take my 3D scan?

Once you enroll on the Website and choose a Retainer offer (subscription or non-subscription) you will be assigned to a local Orthodontist office (you may also select your own Orthodontist)

How do I purchase retainers?

Once your scan is uploaded to our system (by the doctor), we can manufacture the Retainer immediately. You simply enter your preferred delivery method (office delivery or in the mail). Your first order must be pickup from the doctor’s office. The doctor will make sure that each initial Retainer fits well.

Accepted payments.

We accept debit and credit cards.

How do I access the patient dashboard?

After you enroll and the payment for your purchase is confirmed you will receive an email with login information. Make sure you save that email. In case you lost your password you can reset it anytime from the Website login.

Where is my 3d file stored?

We use HIPAA compliant Servers. Your digital files are well secured.

What if my doctor has my 3d scan?

In order to create a Retainer, your doctor must upload

Shipping time?

We typically ship retainers in 2-3 days after receiving an order.

How long is the contract?

Our contracts last 12 months. We will notify you near the subscription renewal date, or you can simply check the “Automatically Renew” button on the subscription page.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, but only after your 12 month contract has ended.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes. If you sign up for a Non-Subscription plan you can upgrade to the Subscription Package. If you sign up for the Subscription Package you have to wait for the contract to expire.

Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes, but only after your 12 month contract has ended.

Can I share FA with my friends?

Yes! Please.

Who do I contact in case I have questions?

You simply email or call us. Our technicians will email or text you back. Again, your choice.

What if the retainers won’t fit?

We will ensure the fit when you visit your assigned Orthodontist for the initial delivery. After that, all Retainers are made from the exact original scan of your teeth. The scan never changes. Should your teeth shift, a new scan will be needed.

I lost my retainer, now what?

Just go onto our Website and order a new one. It’s all on demand!!!

What if I stop paying?

If you stop paying, your account will be closed and your scan destroyed. You will be put on a waiting list of one year before you are allowed to re-enter the system.

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